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Kapil IT Solutions has been incorporated with the main objective of rendering technical and support services to the Information Technology Industry, Manufacturing and Services Industry. Technology support services and Solution services have been the main focus of the company. The company has entered in the business of contact center and IT in the wake of huge potential estimated in this IT Enabled Services segment, operating an International contact center, IT services. The promoters have the Business acumen and rich experience in corporate Management, to take the company to new achievements. We are a team of qualified professionals having vast hands on experience and knowledge pool in successfully implementing major Projects from the stage of conceptualization to successful implementation, execution and smooth transition into commercial operations.

Kapil IT Solutions has highly experienced professionals who have valuable experience in all fields required for the growth of the company i.e.Information Technology, manpower management, production, processing, finance, Quality, EOU’s, excellent management skills in conceptualizing, designing and implementation of projects and updated knowledge in changing technology and trends required for effective business management.We also specialize in providing all consultancy services, implementation services for meeting technical and commercial feasibility of the project. The company has also recruited highly experienced professionals in all necessary areas for management of its operations.

Following are some of the salient features of the Contact Center Project.

• All necessary infrastructures are in place at our facility in a prime location. • Equipment is already commissioned with the entire capacity live. Expansion is already on the anvil. • The operations have been designed on the VoIP based CRM technologies which are state of the art and have the advantage of unlimited scalability, upgradeability, multi locations operability, low cost of ownership and working capital.

Operating Personal

We recognize that an important enabler of providing positive customer experience is ensuring that the motivation of Agents is high. Our employees are our assets and we strive to provide them with a challenging and fun work atmosphere, training, a top-of-the line work environment and competitive remuneration.

For ensuring effectiveness, agents are grouped into teams of 5-10 persons. Each team is lead by a Team Leader with a Team Manager overseeing all the teams. The Team Leaders and Team Managers have several years of customer support experience. The agents are in the group of 20 to 30 years with both genders well represented and are all graduates. They are fluent in English with excellent communication skills coupled with relevant computer awareness. They are under go through training that equips them with all the required call center skills such as Telemarketing, Voice and Accent neutralization, Comprehension, American and British English and Cultural awareness of both the continents etc. The Team Manager is assisted by a Assistant Team Manager, who has also been in the Industry for the past 3 years and has also climbed the ladder in the industry starting off as an agent, climbing to become a Asst Team cum Project Manager and then turning also to become a Outsourcer himself to many contact centers across the country. Has a good picture of the requirements of the various countries like the US, UK, Australia etc.

Start Up Companies & Kapil IT Solutions

Kapil IT Solutions service is crucial for start-up companies as it enables a company to minimize risks and keep overall operational costs low. If you are a start-up company, we can help you substantially reduce your initial system setup cost in terms of real estate, hardware, software and manpower. Our Offshore Development Model allows you to achieve your goals at a fraction of market cost and still obtain the expertise and quality needed to setup a highly effective system that addresses your needs without any compromise. Reduced IT costs will allow funds to be funneled to other key initiatives, which are crucial to any start-up organization. Kapil IT Solutions is confident that it can help develop and nurture your company's vision into a viable and successful business venture.

Established Players & Kapil IT Solutions

Established organizations needing to expand their technical staffing, in order to meet market demand, will also be greatly benefit from the Kapil IT Solutions - Dedicated Developer Service. Kapil IT Solutions can offer established organizations a partnership benefit that results in reduced overhead costs and the ability to address any increasing demands your IT department may experience. We have a wide array of skills in our offshore facilities to address any situation that our clients may need.

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Established organizations needing to expand their technical staffing, in order to meet market demand, will also be greatly benefit from the Kapil IT Solutions - Dedicated Developer Service. Kapil IT Soluitons is a dedicated service that is provided by best interest of the company.


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